Guided Walks Around Dorking

Guided Walks Around Dorking


The Dorking walks team can offer a variety of walks taking in the different aspects of the town’s history and heritage.

Explore the history of Dorking through its urban landscape, following its development from settlement at the foot of the chalk downs to flourishing market town and turnpike staging post, taking in the old foundry (now the Museum), the only known surviving house of a pilgrim father, the Cotmandene, site of a historic early depiction of the game of cricket, and the coaching inn that features in Dickens’ Pickwick Papers.

The Museum is currently booking the following guided walks for individuals:

The Deepdene Trail

Deepdene Trail Heritage Open Weekend 2017

Tours will leave from the entrance to The Deepdene Trail and last an hour and a half, including access to the Hope Mausoleum. Tickets cost £4.00 (under 12’s free) and can be booked by clicking on the link below.

Sunday 15th July 2018 – 2.00pm

Sunday 19th August 2018 – 2.00pm

Sunday 7th October 2018 – 2.00pm

Pub Walks

The White Horse, High Street Dorking

To complement our recent Pubs exhibition “Time Gentleman Please” – we are offering walks around the pubs of Dorking… some are still there… some are long gone… The tour will leave from the Halifax Bank on Dorking High Street, opposite the Surrey Yeoman and lasts an hour and a half. Tickets cost £3.00 and can be booked by clicking on the link below.


Dorking Town Walks

Dorking Walks Team

The tours leave from the Museum and last an hour and a half. It is an easy walk, but there is one hill. The walk takes in St. Martin’s Church, William Mullins House, the Cotmandene and lots of other Dorking landmarks. Tickets cost £3.00 and can be booked by clicking on the link below.


Dorking Museum Family Walk

Be history detectives. How can you tell parts of Dorking are old? Why not try a family tour of Dorking? Find out about Dorking’s past as the children look for clues of the past by finding features that match the photos on the quiz sheet.

The tour can last an hour up to 90 minutes, however, please feel free to leave when your children are tired. Children must be accompanied. Tickets cost £3.00.

There are no childrens walks scheduled at the moment.

Walks can be tailored for groups including, our Pubs Walk, the Deepdene Walk and our Words and Music walk. For details of group bookings, please have a look here.


Thank you and your team for giving us such interesting guided walks on Saturday morning. It was refreshing to be lead with so much enthusiasm. Your love of Dorking was clear to see. We can now all answer the question ‘Why Dorking?’

Keith Anthony


Dorking Museum Walks Team in Action

Dorking Museum Walks Team in Action


Hallowe’en Walk 2017 © John Cole

Dorking Museum Walks Team

Deepdene Trail Heritage Open Weekend 2017